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Image of Kathleen Ess, German translator

Kallilexia is owned and operated by Kathleen Ess. Kathleen holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and an MA in Classical and Near Eastern Studies from the University of Minnesota. While working towards her PhD, she began translating and copyediting texts for colleagues and professors. After immigrating to Canada, she became a certified German-to-English translator.

Kathleen's experiences living in various countries along with her academic background ingrained the importance of cultural context, genre, audience, and style in her translation work. She specializes in scholarly texts in the humanities, with four translated monographs published to date. Beyond this primary area of expertise, Kathleen enjoys working with texts of various genres. She prides herself on high-quality, faithful translations that are clear and readable in English while reflecting the style of the original work.

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