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Certified Translation

Do you need German documents translated for your Canadian immigration application or credential assessment?  Let me help!

As a German-to-English translator certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta, I provide certified translations of your documents in compliance with IRCC requirements. From official documents such as police certificates and diplomas to text messages verifying a relationship history, I would love to help with your immigration and settlement process in Canada.

And yes, I can accept payments in EUR!

Academic Translation

My academic translation service is ideal for scholars seeking to reach an international audience with a clear, accurate, and readable translation of their work. This could be an academic article, monograph, grant proposal, job application, website, or anything else you need.


I bring an extensive academic background in the humanities to my translations, including an MA in Classics from the University of Minnesota and PhD in Biblical Studies from the Universität Heidelberg. In addition to several articles, I have translated four monographs for publication to date.


With my years of experience and education, you can trust your translation project will be in the best possible hands.


Do you have an article, website, or manuscript in English that needs to be polished? Then my copyediting service is for you!

I offer different levels of intervention in the text depending on your needs:

  • Basic copyediting includes correction of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and consistency; making minor changes for clarity such as correct word choice; and minor changes to sentence structure for readability.

  • Substantive copyediting involves more significant edits for the sake of concision, clarity, flow of thought, and smooth transitions, including more substantial changes to wording as well as sentence and paragraph structure.

Academic Translation
Certified Translation

Need something else?

Do you have a project that doesn't fit in these categories? Just ask! I can probably help you, or point you in the right direction.

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