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German-to-English Translation
& Copyediting

Great writing doesn't just express ideas, it does so clearly and beautifully. My translation and language services are inspired by kallilexia "the beauty of language" — and I strive to make every text as beautiful as it can be.

Informed by an extensive academic background in the humanities and over a decade of experience in freelance German-to-English translation and copyediting, I bring careful attention to detail and a love of language to each document or manuscript I approach, from driver's licenses and diplomas to scholarly articles and monographs.


Welcome to Canada!

Get certified German-to-English translations that meet IRCC requirements at affordable rates.


With an extensive academic background in the humanities, I provide high-quality translations that clearly convey your research to an international audience.


Improve the clarity and flow of your draft or polish your final manuscript. I offer various levels of intervention in the text, from proofreading to correct simple errors to substantive copyediting.

The editors especially wish to express their thanks to Kathleen Ess for her outstanding translation, which is marked by precision, elegance, and extensive knowledge of the subject matter.

Editors' Preface to:

Matthias Konradt, Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew (Baylor University Press, 2014)


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